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The City’s team of emergency management experts work to keep residents, businesses and the municipal government prepared to respond safely and appropriately to natural and man-made disasters.


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Utah is expecting an earthquake of a 7.0 or greater. There is a 50% chance that will happen within the next 50 years.
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Extreme caution in discharging fireworks
this holiday weekend urged by Council
The following is a statement from the Salt Lake City Council Members:

Fireworks can be an enjoyable part of the holidays we celebrate in Utah. But tinder-dry vegetation and triple-digit heat prompts Council Members to strongly encourage Salt Lake City residents and visitors to be extremely cautious when using fireworks, and to use them only where legal.

We remind the public of the City Fire Department’s recent reduction of locations where fireworks can be discharged in the City. We urge people to check the updated fire restrictions before buying and using fireworks in all neighborhoods.

Salt Lake City has seen its share of damage from fires caused by fireworks. SLC firefighters responded to as many outdoor fires the first 11 days of July as they did the entire month of June. Preventable fireworks-related fires strain firefighting resources and unnecessarily cost taxpayers money.

We share the concerns of other Utah cities that have expanded their fireworks restrictions. Fireworks-related fires are a problem throughout the Wasatch Front as homes have been destroyed, and property damaged.

This summer’s Brian Head fire in Iron County is an example of how an indiscriminate use of flammable material can cause millions of dollars in damage and drain public resources. Although not caused by fireworks, the Brian Head fire is a staggering reminder of how cautious everyone must be in dry weather.

Please take time to clear your property and surrounding areas of dry weeds or other flammable material. An errant firework spark is all it takes to ignite dry weeds or grasses. A little effort now may prevent tragedy.

Our request for extreme caution in the use of fireworks is not meant to dampen enjoyment of the Pioneer Day holiday. This is a matter of protecting lives and property, and ensuring the safety of all in Salt Lake City.

Restricted areas shown above in red (click here for a larger version).
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Plan 9!
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