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96 hour kit

96 Hour Kit step by step

96 Hour Kit for pets

An Ounce of Prevention

“It really does behoove us all to take a closer look at the wisdom behind the proven benefits of putting some effort towards preparing today to avoid the potential devastation of not being prepared to provide for our families is times of need.” Article link: An Ounce of Prevention

Preparing our youngsters 

Preparing for emergencies is something the whole family and community can do together! Help children remember important information, and create a family emergency kit and plan. These steps will go a long way in keeping children safe and secure. Article Link: Preparing our kids Sesame Street

Hypothermia – a Killer

“More than 1,000 deaths occur each year due to hypothermia, most of which could have been avoided had the proper gear been used.  Bottom line – You don’t want to mess with hypothermia – it can be a killer.” Article link: Hypothermia – It Can be a Killer

Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery and Homelessness

With limited resources and fewer connections to their communities, people experiencing homelessness are often the most vulnerable and at-risk in a disaster or other emergency situation. A community’s capacity to prepare for and respond to a disaster or emergency affects its ability to aid this population. Communities need a strong preparedness, response, and recovery plan to adapt to a dynamic event while continuing to serve one of the most vulnerable populations by ensuring that they receive essential services such as meals, prescription medicine management, housing, and other basic necessities. This page provides emergency preparedness, response, and recovery resources for CoCs, ESG recipients and subrecipients, shelters, and other homeless service providers. Article Link: Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery and Homelessness