Household Plan


Basic Steps for Individuals and Households

Make a PLAN:

1- Learn about what you could face.Learn about the terrain and weather your city expects, what kind of   disasters it has suffered and the possibilities of them affecting your area. Understand and get informed about your city’s mitigation plans.

2- Learn the areas of evacuation.Not only at the movie theater or the airplane. Escape routes are important at your house, office and any place you visit.

3.- Know how you will reunite with your love ones.Prepare an emergency plan and execute it every now and then so when the time comes your family is ready. Have a contact outside the state so you can let your love ones know that you are well. Teach your kids about how to protect themselves in the different faces of disaster.


Build a Kit:

Have a backpack ready with PLAN9 – 9 items that can save your life:

  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. Clothes
  4. Medications
  5. Flashlight and extra batteries
  6. Multi-tool/Can opener
  7. Radio Am/FM
  8. Hygiene Items
  9. First Aid– Personalized your KIT.

(Click on each word to open a :30 second video with more explanation)


Be informed by getting involved:

Learning emergency skills can make the difference in a catastrophic event. Become CERT, Ham Radio or train with the Red Cross.

Connect with us  by calling 801-799-3604 for information in English and 801-799-3605 para información en español.

Also visit your state web page: Be ready Utah (click on the link to visit Be Ready Utah).